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that works for you. now, abc 2news at 11. >> the orioles do it again. now we have 90o wins and we are a game closer to playoffs. all the excitement at camden yards. >> all right. the orioles win. we have nice weather over the weekend. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. the forecast in just a minute. >> amazing home. to me thank goodness. >> a dancer from haiti comes to baltimore rebuilding and creating a better future back at home. >> and remodeled your different, just had to have stainless steel but is it out of style if what appliance makers going to next. the news starts right now. >> we start tonight with at amazing game from our baltimore orioles. they are doing a lot of work tonight and it couldn't be at a better time.
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the playoffs are the line. cheryl connor is live at the ballpark. beating boston at home under pressure the fans had to love that it. >> reporter: yeah. they did. i tell you it was fireworks night out here at camden yard. nothing was louder than the fans in the stand when's the grant slam hit in the first inning. they get another win. 9-1 against the red sox and this winning season may be bet told by the youngest fans. a man dancing, sure that makes sense. it's september 28th and the orioles are still winning. >> just amazing. i mean -- i have never been able to experience it. >> reporter: he wasn't even born before the orioles had their last winning season. he brought his friend. the orioles take on their last home series of the regular
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season against the red sox. boston fans remembering last year when the orioles knocked them out of the playoffs. >> revenge. >> reporter: no way. six points on the board in the first inand the orioles are giving a happy 59th birthday to one. >> my wife brought me. it was a surprise. >> bottle of water. >> reporter: sales up outside of the stadium. >> fans are doing better. fans are show up. sales are better,. >> reporter: life is good. the mayor handed over the keys to the city to adam jones who represented baltimore baltimore. >> orioles. >> reporter: you the orioles have a sell out crowd tomorrow. they will honor brooks robinson, with a bronze statue.
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many of those red sox fans say that if their team doesn't win they root for the orioles to cheer against the yankees. does that make sense? it looks like the yankees are also going to pull out another win tonight. we will see as this weekend goes on and we push closer to the playoffs. we are live at camden yards. >> all right. thank you. what a weekend it'll be at the yard the last home series of the regular season on fan appreciation weekend. that means three nights of promotions, tonight was student night. tomorrow the brooks robinson statue and fans will get a rreplica of it. on sunday the last home game. the first 20,000, 15 and older will jet a bobblehead. and if you are heading down to the game this weekend or just watching from the couch we want to see your orioles pride. send us your fan photographs and you could win a 200-dollar shopping spree at the zone. details on the website. come up in about 21 minutes
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we continue our coverage introducing you to the voice of camden yards, this is ryan wagner's first year in baltimore. get his take onto orioles wild year and their push for the playoffs movement one of our ravens got bad news tonight. a 21,000-dollar fine. ed reed is one of three fined for a hit. he was fined for hitting dejon branch in the head and neck sunday night. they are resting this weekend after that 23-16 win last night over cincinnati. the weather was perfect tonight for the orioles game, little humid but we lucked out. no rain and looks like be have a dry weekend on trap. mike has a look at your first forecast. >> looking good. feels good. lower humidity. dew points are down. that's what we like to see. we have a good weekend setting up. take a look at the shots downtown, everything looking good. temperatures in check.
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66 in town at present hour. you go north and west of town, a few upper 50s. a so here is how it goes down. hour by hour wake up to clouds, 57 degrees. i do think lunchtime has a good amount of sun. still cool at 65 degrees and we will be in to the 70s during the course of the afternoon. we will talk about an issue as we head in to the beginning of next week and break down the numbers in the seven day coming up. >> all right. thank you. new tonight the record theater will have to wait longer than expected to find if the liquor board was scheduled to meet october 15th but it was pushed back to the 29th today. they will do nothing or potentially suspend, fine or pull the theater's liquor license. this from a wild fraternity party last weekend. police say huge fights broke out and one man was shot. also new, the parents of a boy face charges after the
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child drank methadone. police first charged paul brooks when his 5-year-old goal a bottle of the pink liquid. he was taken to the hospital. charges then were for drugs and guns in the house. today child abuse charges were filed as well. we want you to take a look at this man this is eric ford senior. the 25-year-old arrested yesterday after baltimore police searched through the nights. he is a accused of shooting his 4-year-old son and the boy's mother. he faces charges ranging from attempted first degree murder to child abuse. police say that ford shot the two wednesday night. the boy was hit in the head but his mom was shot in the arm at a home . >> two women are killed in two separate shootings. both happened last night. one was at about 9:00 near the intersection of south augusta avenue and frederick road.
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a woman was shot in t head while sitting in a car. >> just thank god i wasn't outside and it was unfortunate and sad because bullets don't have a name on it. it's tragic to here about anything like that to happen to anyone. nobody deserves that. >> police are searching for a two door gray honda with tinted windows and chesapeake bay tags. hours before that shooting police in cherry hill found a woman shot several times before driving and picked up a man who later shot her. they have lived a life of heart break but use their experiences to lift our hearts and help rebuild their home for boys. the story of a dance troupe that made its way to baltimore using the stories of their humble beginning to create a better future back at home.
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. >> reporter: with their message they home to reach thousands. >> haiti there are a lot of young childrthat are homeless. they are living on the street was no shelter, no food, and sometimes i wonder where they it even get the water to drink. >> reporter: what do they also want you to know is that this sunday the internationally recognized dance troupe of former street children and child slaves will be here in baltimore for a fundraiser. >> here to raise funds, yes we are here because we have a need but really when people think about haiti what do you think? all you think is negative, we are here to share stories, let you know there are good things
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happening in haiti and that there is a culture full of talent and a culture of people that in the middle of their suffering there is joy. >> reporter: and the hope is to race enough to rebuild one of the three homes for kids that was damaged in the quake. >> performances will be sunday morning, off york road. the 9:00 service and the 10:45 service. we will get you up in your seats, worship and dance haiti style and sing haiti in to the service. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> you can catch them over the next week this have performances all over baltimore city and baltimore county. we will have a list of some of them tonight after the show you will find them on the website. we have all gotten tickets and cursed those cameras but are they being used as effectively as they should? that's what the mayor wants to find out.
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she has created a special committee to review the centers, a new study shows people in baltimore found disobeying traffic law s is a more serious problem than property crime. the mayor hopes to find ways to better protect pedestrians and kids in school zones movement expect major delays this weekend if you have to drive on 97. the site highway administration is working on patching areas between 695 and ben field boulevard. they will be doing work on north and southbound 97. the fha said you should consider alternate routes including 95 and 295. they will run through most of the weekend. we are always working for you before you head out the door this weekend check traffic along your route. get realtime traffic maps and get live traffic cameras. you will find that all online. spending out of control,
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burning rubber, not your run of the mill test drive but it's what you will find at ford in parkville this weekend as people get taken for a ride to try drifting. it looks reckless and crazy but this driver has it all under control. that is why he is a two time world champion. >> inches from other cars, from walls, and we are constantly on the razor's edge of going out of control. you aren't scaring yourself you aren't doing it right are. >> he is heading to california in just a couple weeks to close the door on another potential championship season but tomorrow he will be at bob davidson during normal business hour itself you want to put your life in his hands. you paid all that money to get stainless steel. so hip and cool. appliance makers moving on. what trend they consider trying next. >> and this is this is the
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wmar app. take a look. big storms down to the south. we are looking good and it's 67 right now in annapolis. temperatures fall. we have a good weekend coming up. we will share the details. >> and the story train travelers need to hear as a new study shows a large number of amtrak employees abusing drugs or alcohol. how many tested positive in an audit.
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. new you may have taken your kids to the air and space museum and if you did you could have been a victim of this scam. check this out. today a former parking lot attendant plead guilty to stealing at least $400,000 in parking fees. he is from silver springs. he said he pocketed between 1800 and $4,500 per shift. the thefts happened more than three years ago. he is one of three charged and the first to plead guilty in this case. we have been following
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story for a few weeks now. first as an amazing flea market fine, now its something out of a mystery novel. we talked to the folks trying to find who is the right areful owner of this painting. a virginia woman picked up the painting at a flea market and it turns out it was develop from the baltimore museum of art in the 50s. now the museum is trying to decide who it really belongs to. >> right now what we are looking for is information about the painting was here, any documentation we may have. we are interested only in getting to the truth. >> the painting was supposed to go on the auction block tomorrow but because of all the confusion the auction house has put the sale on hold. >> in our consumer alert tonight if you ride the rails listen up. a new report shows amtrak employees have a unusually rate of alcohol and drug use. the audit showed that it's workers fail drug and alcohol
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tests at a 51% higher rate than the industry average. the most common drugs employees test positive for are marijuana and cocaine. testing became mandatory after the deadly train collision in 1987. one of the engineers in that case was under the influence of marijuana. apple users have one big complaint this week about the i- phone. that there are glitches in the new map application. today the company issued a rare apology because of that. apple decided to replace google maps with its own map application and there have been widespread complaints of problems. today tim cook said the company fell short on this commitment to deliver a world class product. apple in the meantime is asking customers for to be patient as they short it out. and the controversial film that stirred up protests in the muslim world is impacting right here at home with your bank. millions of customers have been
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blocked from their online bank account including some with bank of america, pnc and wells fargo. hackers appear to be to blame. they claim its revenge for the film that sparked outrage. so far they have not been able to take any money but they ha created chaos on banking websites. >> this is the first time that we know about where a middle eastern group, perhaps a government has attacked websites of critical structure in the united states. >> the united states government is working to block the massive attacks and stop the hackers before they disrupt the financial markets and do any more damage. remember moms old cream or brown fridge? that's so out of date. appliance manufacturers are starting to get tired of stainless steel. john shows you what may becoming next to your kitchen so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: did you just
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upgrade your appliances to stainless steel because that's the hottest new trend? sorry to say but the stainless trend may be on its way out. after 15 years of stainless everything manufacturers moving onto new finishes. if you remodeled in the past decade chances are you picked stainless steel for your fridge, dishwasher and stove. stainless looks professional and house shows you arrived. if you just upgraded you may have arrived late. stainless steel is on overtime and reports stainless fatigue. the new ice collection calls white the new stainless. ge which is pushing new line of metallic slate. the fact that kitchen looks have just a 15 year life span according to the wall street journal. if you upgrade at the tailnd you may say doesn't that stink?
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that means your green fridge from 1975 is still out of style, way out of style. despite the push to new colors people continue to buy stainless steel and are even rejecting darker appliance colors like oiled bronze. if you switched to stainless you don't have to worry it's still the most popular finish. don't waste your money. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> what's wrong with green? i kind of like the color. here is what's gone. a nice shot. skill comfortable. lot of reports still feeling muggy. that will change over the next 12 hours, 66 degrees the official number at 11:00. you see how the northwesterly wind is come around. that's what will drag in the driver air into the next few hours or so and by tomorrow you will feel it. 79 in town this afternoon.
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that's the official high. 73 being the normal number so another day of above average temperatures and there is that record back in 1945. hitting 91 degrees. temperatures across the area, throw numbers on the board to show you as mentioned 66 east and getting rain right now at 62 degrees, ocean city a big storm on the way for you, show you that on the radar and hagerstown, 58 to 59. again 58 degrees ocean city more foam. still hanging on to the 70s. we have that in the planner showing you the clouds waking up at 57 but the sunshine comes back out around lunchtime. in to the 70s for a good portion of the afternoon and i think the two degree guarantee only to 72 degrees. that is going to be a refreshing feel. this is not falling on the ground but we are seeing rain over the eastern shore and easton you are seeing a good amount of rain crossing through preston and then you go toward snow hill, seeing heavy rains and there is embedded
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lightning. be aware ocean city going to get drilled with some of the heavy rain and some lightning affecting, you notice lightning tracker picking up on some of that. now the dry air is back out to buffalo, pittsburgh, readings in to the upper 40s. that's on top of us for the day tomorrow. you have a good-looking real estate over the high high valley and that will lock in sunday to be nice. look what's going on over central texas. you have a lot of moisture, a former hurricane that came on shore over central and western mexico and that's going to move toward the north over the next 48 to 72 hours, what does that mean? by tuesday we could have heavy rain, until then, we have a nice stretch of pretty okay weather over the next few days, there is that front that's britaining the clouds and precipitation over the last few days narcotic will exit stage right and there is the glare that will start to move in as we go into this weekend. everything pushing off shore nicely and that will be the
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trend going in though sun. quick look at the tropics, nadine still out there. it's now a hurricane. this will drift and eventually get torn up and move toward the azorks. 56 degrees in town. a chance of a spot shower south and east. two degree guarantee. 72 degrees with a blend of sun and clouds and a seasonable afternoon. the or game looks good. 50 degrees and cooler. here is the maryland seven day forecast, most accurate seven day. 72 over the weekend. 72 on monday with a blend of sun and clouds, clouds thicken up late and then that system over texas. that's what it could move in tuesday into wednesday. look at the temperatures back up to around 80 degrees. >> all right. more news tim coming up. first a look at night line. >> coming up, why doctors, cops and parents are growing concerned about a party drug called smiles. and how ben affleck, for the title of dad and director.
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one of the most anticipated movies of the year. to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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. amazing night in camden. you heard ryan wagner's voice. last february the orioles introduces him as the new voice of orioles park at camden yards, he came to visit this week to get his take on the wild ride to the playoffs. >> . >> just -- to be able to tell people i'm the voice of the orioles park. the place i grew up spending so summers watching baseball and
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watching cal ripkin and jeffrey and all those guys that were my heroes when i was a kid. now to get to announce it and to welcome a new generation of fans. it's very special. the guys on the field and to be here in this chair and have a front row seat has just been remarkable. baltimore kid this is the greatesta chiefment. i grew up and was born in a house that is -- right in front >> high fly ball. center field. >> even being in the press box, first -- there is no cheering in the press book. but you are talking to a fan. i get caught up in the game just like anybody this job is so unique and something i never dreamed i would do. there is only 30 guys, and a girl, 29 guys and a girl who
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gets to do what we do every day. i have never lost sight of that. that's something i want to try to remember every day. just hearing people talk about the playoffs, it's an amazing baseball city. this town loves baseball. we -- last -- last few years. see it coming back. did i imagine i would do this? i imagined it. i imagined it in my head and i saw it happen. you know i dreamed about announcing for 50,000 people when it sold out. i cant wait. >> you can follow the orioles with us all weekend. we have a personal section on the website dedicated to the birds, find game recaps, special features, all of that. log onto the website. >> what a cool job. >> how great. >> i like that. >> he couldn't imagine that. neither could we. >> let's talk about the forecast. out the door and again we have a great looking day tomorrow, it's -- little bit of a cool
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start, 57 degrees. and it's a really nice midday at 70. on the way for 72 and there you go. >> going to be a beautiful weekend. go orioles. check out the website, have a great weekend.
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